Simba goes for a ride on Hannover’s tram network.


Posted by puma | Posted in Germany | Posted on 03-09-2013

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Simba at Peiner Straße station in the Döhren area of Hannover.


Simba ponders what to do when the ticket machines are out of order.


Simba on the tram riding through the tunnels beneath the center of Hannover.



Simba arrives at Kröpcke in the center of Hannover.

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So… did simba get along with the conductor :-) looks like he likes the rails

Oh we don’t have conductors too often in Hannover but we had a ticket check in Berlin’s U1 to Warschauer Str. The guy remarked it’s fine this time but next time he’ll need a pet ticket. Then I held my suiter tail up that I wore and he said… “You too.” in a cheek-tongue-ish fashion.

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