About Follow Simba

I have loved the Lion King for many many years and every time I travel somewhere I  usually take a plush Simba with me.  I thought it would be fun to make a website and let  Simba share his adventures with the world. This site is purely made for fun and I hope you have fun following Simba.

I am a big collector of Lion King stuff and have some of my collection online. If you are interested in checking out my Lion King collection you can see it here:

My Lion King collection

About Simba

Simba is around five feet long. He is big, soft, cuddly and very friendly. He was made by Douglas Cuddle Toys of Keene, NH for Disney. I personally think Douglas made the nicest plush versions of the characters from the Lion King. This Simba plush was made for promotional use for Disney and was never for sale in stores. I got him from the Netherlands from a publicity company which no longer needed him. Now Simba is enjoying his new retirement life traveling all over.